As a business owner, you work hard every day. You know your business inside and out. But to keep your pipeline full, you need a winning marketing strategy. Time is tight, and marketing takes experience and know-how. That’s where we come in.

At Connect Marketing, we collaborate with you to create a plan for sharing the right content with your target audience to build relationships that ultimately lead to sales.

If you don’t have the time or skills to create great content, then you’re just the business we need to meet!

Angela Levine, Owner

From the Blog

Online Writing

Online writing is a balancing act between writing for reader engagement and SEO needs while being mindful of the key performance indicators.
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Email Marketing

Email marketing provides an avenue to drive traffic to your website ... and once you’ve built up your database of emails, it’s the only source that you can actually own.
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Website Design

No business should be without a website – period. But not only that, no business should be without a good website.
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Social Media

Social networking has become a must-have in every business’s marketing tool kit. It’s where the conversation often starts.
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Why choose us

online marketingNo one wants to be sold. So, we apply the "What's in it for me?" approach. Before writing a single word, we put ourselves in your customers' and prospects' shoes and ask:  What content do they really want? What can we share that will add value? Always thinking about the user experience is what really sets us apart.

No matter what type of business you have or what you’re offering, we're confident our expertise will give you a competitive edge.

We help you reach your marketing goals by relying on:

  • Thoughtful, comprehensive and well-planned tactics
  • Relevant, engaging and creative content
  • Strategic use of online marketing tools
  • Impact-driven recommendations
  • A partnership approach to representing your brand online

Check out what our customers are saying

"I am a busy chiropractor that owns and runs a Wellness Center.  I have had many great ideas over the years but often simply don't have the time or the marketing know-how to follow through with them.  Additionally, sometimes great marketing opportunities would come my way but I just didn't have time to entertain them. Connect Marketing has solved a lot of my problems, created better communication between active, past and even potential patients, presented me with fresh ideas, and saved me a lot of time while offering excellent service at an affordable price." – Dr. Ronda Sharman, owner, Life Care Chiropractic and Wellness

We are your local source for content marketing - online writing, email marketing, website design and social media - in Winston-Salem, Lewisville, Clemmons, and beyond.