How A Desk Accessory Changed My Life

How A Desk Accessory Changed My Life

Sometimes, you come across a product that makes your everyday existence better. For some people, it may be a brand of coffee they make each morning. For others, it is the perfect pillow for getting a good night’s sleep.

For me, it was something quite unexpected.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I had a sense that when I purchased this item, it would be an improvement for me. And I do realize that saying something “changed my life” sounds a bit dramatic. But the truth is, I really underestimated the improvement this product purchase would bring.


My Story

stand up deskI’ve had lower back pains off and on for much of my adult life. While not completely debilitating, it’s still been a hassle, and I knew that sitting at a desk for long stretches of time was not good for my back (science has proven this). I would find myself getting up and walking around just to get a break from the hours of sitting. I had a pretty decent desk chair and a lumber pillow, but I felt like I could do better.

Thanks to my sister, I was right.

One day, she mentioned that she had purchased something I had been considering but not that seriously. And she loved it. And it was not expensive. And there was no assembly required! (very important to this spatially-challenged person) So I ordered it from the same website where she purchased hers.

I’m talking about a stand up desk.

To be specific, what I purchased was something I could sit on top of my office desk that would allow my workspace to convert from using my laptop while sitting to using it while standing. The company that makes these stand up desks is called Varidesk. I purchased one of the Compact Series models, since I have a laptop and a small office desk.

The box arrived and true to expectations, I did nothing but remove it from the Styrofoam packing and set it on top of my desk. Voila – I was ready to go!


What I love about my stand up desk

blog2For starters, standing is great! My Varidesk adjusts to multiple levels and puts my laptop at the perfect height for comfortable work. I have room for my mouse and even a pencil cup on the flat, upper surface. And I enjoy standing a great deal – I sometimes even feel like I’m more productive standing than sitting.

Sitting is great too! When I get tired of standing, converting the desk involves holding two clamps and pushing the upper surface down. I didn’t realize this when I bought it, but the lower part of the Varidesk has a slide-out tray. So I simply move my laptop down to the lower level, slide out the tray and then I’ve got the right space and comfort level to work while sitting.

stand up deskI find myself alternating positions throughout the day. It’s been great having the flexibility to either sit or stand and get all my work done. My back has never felt better. The only thing that would be more awesome for me than a stand up desk is a treadmill desk, where I could combine exercise, work AND standing for my back!

For now, I’m going to enjoy the perks of working vertical…until my sister calls about that treadmill desk….

Written by Angela Levine

Angela Levine has over 25 years marketing experience and has been an owner of Connect Marketing for almost five years. Her company specializes in content marketing, including content creation for email marketing, blogs, websites, social media ads, print and more.

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  1. I’m glad to know you like it! I may have to check that out!

    • I didn’t mention this but the cost is very affordable as well. I love mine!

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