A Content Plan

Content marketing would be useless without a plan. No one should be creating content simply for content’s sake. Content marketing should be intentional, well-timed and meet a company’s marketing objectives.

So we like to start our clients out with a content marketing plan – a plan that maps out their content creation efforts over the buyer journey for their target audience. It’s important to have a good understanding of what your target audience wants from you at each stage of their journey. The reality is that your targets don’t want to be “sold” until they are truly ready to buy. So at these pre-sale stages, you need to provide content that will help lead them to the buying decision.

We take the time to develop a fully-actionable content marketing plan for you that incorporates key elements such as:

  • A comprehensive profile of your target audience
  • Documentation for how your brand should be presented in all written and visual format
  • A map of your target audience’s “buyer journey
  • An idea database for content development for various channels
  • A editorial calendar for dispersing content
  • Metrics or performance indicators to be monitored as content is released

content planWith our plan in place – and some training from us – you’ll be on your way to providing all the content needed to build relationships and bring your audience members along the journey towards becoming your customer.

Lacking¬†a plan? Let’s set up a time to talk about putting one in place for your business.

Start planning