About Us

Angela profile copyMeet the owner, Angela

Hi! I’ve been a marketer as long as I can remember, and it’s still a job title I enjoy waking up with every day. Being a part of Connect Marketing is something I’m very passionate about because it’s what gives me the opportunity to partner with great companies like yours!

Writing about one’s self is a challenge, as you may already know!

But I know you want to learn a bit about me. So I’ve thought about what questions I would want to ask if I was going to hire me and Connect Marketing to work for them. Hopefully, these are some of the same questions that you would ask. And perhaps there are some you wouldn’t ask, but you’ll enjoy knowing the answers to nonetheless!

Q: Why did you get into marketing?

A:  I think the thing that appealed to me was that it was the most creative part of the business world. As a kid, I was creative and very crafty, always making and selling things to my friends. I had quite the little business going making earrings, hair barrettes and more. So I suppose marketing was “in my blood”. I even had a steady business in college appliquéing sweatshirts for the sororities while pursuing my marketing degree. I was always making and selling something while growing up!

Q: What’s your background?

A: I got my undergrad, then spent some time working in sales. Went back to graduate school and came out working in corporate marketing for a couple of large companies. I freelanced when my children were young, had a five-year stint in direct sales, owned a small business and then circled back to marketing with Connect Marketing (formerly WomenConnect Marketing) in 2011.

Q:  What’s the most exciting part of online marketing when compared to more traditional marketing?

A:  So when I came back to marketing after running a different kind of business and being out of the corporate world for a bit, things had changed. Things like blogs and Facebook didn’t exist during my corporate days! I think what has made online marketing so exciting for me is that it’s such a different way of marketing from the past. Everything we do in the online world is about helping businesses build relationships, a little bit at a time. Everything can be shared…with the click of a mouse! And the results can be measured so well. It’s so much easier to see the impact of your tactics. To me, all of this makes it exciting.

Q:  What do you think Connect Marketing is the best at?

A:  Definitely anything involving the written word. We are really good at written content, and I think it’s because of the approach we take. We know what Google needs, but we also know how to write for the audience who will be doing the reading. If I had to choose our best writing specialty, it would have to be blogs. We can write blogs for any type of business really, really well! Car dealerships, chiropractors, tutors, wellness coaches, pain magazines, travel agents, jewelers, SEO companies, volleyball clubs – you can’t throw anything at us that we can’t handle.

Q:  Why should a business trust you with their marketing?

A:  This may be the most important question you’re asking. I think it’s because you get 110% of my brain power all the time. I’ll be thinking about your business when I’m running on the treadmill, cooking dinner, watching TV in bed at night. I don’t just want the work we do for companies to be good, I want it to be great. Connect Marketing isn’t just your hired hand – we’re your partner and take the marketing of your business quite seriously.

Q:  What else is important to you, personally?

A:  I think in today’s world with so much of the media hitting you in the face 24/7, it’s important to me that people stay open-minded. It is very easy to become jaded or only look to sources of information that coincide with the beliefs you have. I think it’s important to always be learning and be open to new ideas coming from new places. I kid you not, I read the PRINT VERSION of the newspaper every day, and typically read at least one online article. My mind is always open to new information – I would love to see more people be like this.