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We’ve worked hard to develop relationships with ancillary service providers whose standards live up to our own. At Connect Marketing, we are thrilled to have a team of people that help us to “round out” your marketing needs – through their outstanding work in web development, graphic design, writing,  photography and videography. So here’s an introduction to our awesome team:


Content Creation, Garrett Jaenicke

our business partnersWho he is: Garrett has worked in marketing and communications for over 25 years. He’s had responsibility for a ton of written communication for big corporations – both technical and consumer-oriented. With a great deal of big company experience under his belt, he now wants to leverage this into the same high-quality writing for smaller companies.

Why we love him: He is an extremely detailed person yet requires little explanation in order to jump right into the work. Being such a quick study, we can put him on a project and say “go for it”… and know that he will make it happen in a very methodical, organized manner. His background in marketing also helps him to really understand the “why” of what he’s being asked to communicate and how it will help our clients marketing themselves. We feel very fortunate to have him as a partner.


Content Creation, Mat Batts

Who he is: Mat is a true journalist with a real passion for writing.  He writes for a newspaper, a local magazine and now online for us. While online writing is newer for him, Mat has jumped in with both feet and done a great job for some of our important clients. He’s doing both blog writing and Facebook ad creation. His first blog for one of our clients practically went viral, getting over 20,000 shares!

Why we love him: He is so eager to learn and grow as a writer. His learning curve is short since his desire is so strong. He also has great interview skills for writing content that requires interviewing – likely thanks to his newspaper experience. We also appreciate his adherence to deadlines. When we give work to Mat, we know that it will be completed on time.


Content Creation, Elizabeth Davis

Who she is: Elizabeth is recent college graduate who has already gained tremendous experience writing for an online audience. She’s currently blogging for us and her own clients and is eager to expand into other content mediums.

Why we love her: She has a love of marketing that is totally in line with Connect Marketing. Like Mat, she is eager to learn and grow in her understanding of online writing and the possibilities of a content-oriented marketing approach. We couldn’t ask for someone more excited to do more work for us in the content realm!


Web Development, Leslie Berry

our-business-partnersWho she is: Leslie is web developer we stumbled upon quite by chance. Trained in printing and design with a Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology degree from Appalachian State University, she has a thriving sideline business developing websites. Leslie was pulled in to finish up the design on OUR site when the company we were using lost their web designer … and we’ve been impressed ever since!

Why we love her: Not only does she have a great foundation in web design – plus experience building sites for many small to medium-sized businesses – but she is always learning. We really value this quality in a partner! Leslie never fails to bring us new ideas or information … whether it is a new WordPress theme she found, an article on SEO or a design solution to solve a client’s problem – even if the issue originated before she got involved in the site. She’s a problem-solver and a true “team player.”


Graphic Design, Emily Norris

our business partners Who she is: Emily is a very talented graphic designer … who just happens to be a youth director by day. She has a background in graphic design which she brings to all kinds of projects, from logo designs, to ad graphics, to business card layouts and more. Emily’s vast knowledge of design concepts comes in handy as we are working to accurately reflect our client’s brands in marketing communications.

Why we love her: In a nutshell, Emily is just so darn creative! She is very flexible and really listens to what we tell her the client is thinking so that we can hone in on the final design without too many rounds of revisions – although she will always do whatever it takes to make the client 100% satisfied. She’s also great on the fly and can often turn around a smaller project amazingly fast!


Videography, Downfenix Media

dfmWho are they: Matthew and the rest of his team at Downfenix Media bring diverse experience and talent to making great commercial videos for our business clients.  They have created some great videos for many high-profile companies in our area, and they bring that same skill and professionalism to their work for small to medium sized businesses.  Their website is chock-full of really good videos they’ve created – as well as some fun commercials.

Why we love them: They’ve got their act together, and have great specialties, with people on their team with a deep knowledge for sound, filming and editing.  They are willing to share their ideas but also flexible enough to take ours and turn them into a reality that looks great.  Having the ability to handle both film and photography needs is extremely time-saving when we have so many clients wanting to cover both in their shoots.


Photography, Tracy Krell Photography

Who she is: Tracy is a professional photographer that specializes in both family and business “lifestyle” photography. She is truly a creative soul who loves what she does and has a strong desire to make her clients more than just happy with her photographs – she really wants them to be over the moon about them. We met Tracy through one client and then hired her to work for another. The experience was so positive, we’ve made her our “go-to” photographer.

Why we love her: For starters, Tracy is professional. She is organized and makes sure that her photo shoots are productive and time-effective. Her photos will blow you away. She has a good eye and can predict what will make an amazing photograph. Tracy is easy to work with and her fees are very reasonable for our clients. We would encourage any of the businesses we work with to bring Tracy in to capture their business moments!

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