Social Media

Social networking has become a must-have in every business’s marketing tool kit. It’s where the conversation often starts. It’s where you build trust and authority. It’s where your followers become leads, if used properly, with a good content plan in place.

For social media marketing to be effective, you need to know which tools will best reach your target audience, plus how to use those tools. While social administration is the regular activity you undertake to stay in front of your network followers – and what Google is looking for in “social signals” for SEO – social advertising is how you reach non-followers who fit into your target audience profile.

Administration – your day-to-day marketing

With a good content plan and our training, you can successfully perform your social media administration.

We will help you to create content that gets engagement between you and your audience and helps you attract more followers. Since the tools change frequently, we help you stay on top of enhancements and new features. Did you know there are photo size preferences for Facebook – and that they changed not that long ago? We did!

Creating content for posts, scheduling them for optimal timing, responding to fan comments, connecting with others pages … these are just some of the regular activities we teach you about. And we’ll show you how to use insights to monitor and report on results, as well as tweak your strategies.

A recent example you'll enjoy

Social media advertising – how you reach your target customer

What is most exciting about social media is the opportunities networks are providing to find and send messaging to users that “fit” the profile of their likely customer. So no longer do businesses have to hope that they are attracting the right people to their fan base – the tools actually help find them!

Not only is social media advertising great for targeting, it’s extremely cost-effective. Our clients spend a heck of a lot less on social ads than they used to on print … with a more targeted reach and better results. One of our best clients walked away from all print and TV advertising to replace it with social media and had a huge reduction in ad expenses while either maintaining or increasing sales month after month!

See what we mean...

More and more of our clients want to take advantage of the targeting social media advertising offers. We have a good understanding for what makes a successful social ad, including:

  • Knowledge of the social ad tools, particularly Facebook’s Power Editor
  • Effective use of all of the ad “real estate”, including good writing, a strong CTA and the right, properly sized images
  • Headline testing for engagement
  • Strategic ad targeting and budget allocation
  • Understanding of relevant metrics and benchmarks for click-through rate, reach, etc.

With an ad objective in mind, we can create an ad or series of ads to generate results. So, if social media advertising intimidates you or you simply don’t have time to implement it for your business – we can help you get started at a very affordable cost.