Website Design

No business should be without a website – period. But not only that, no business should be without a good website, one that is well-written, uses current design styles and provides the user experience that visitors expect.

So, why build your website with us instead of going straight to a web developer?

We manage the project

To do this, we speak both the language of the web developer and you, the client. We have a process for determining site requirements and communicating them to developer so they are implemented successfully. We have a great sense for what clients are looking for but also a good working knowledge of what’s involved in the website building process.

Many web builders can build you a site – but do they think through the optimal user experience? Do they have a sense for website aesthetics? Can they help the you select the optimal photos for your site?

We handle all of this and map out a game plan that a web developer can easily follow. We manage the flow of information and ideas between you and the developer … whether it is our developer or one you’ve brought to the project. The bottom line is that we stay on top of it all so you don’t have to.

We provide great copywriting

Most web developers don’t do copy – they take whatever the client gives them and put it on the page … whether the writing is good or not, has SEO in mind or not, or does a great job of marketing the business or not. We do copywriting as part of our web site development. In fact, some people hire us just to write or rewrite their copy.

Copy is the “content” of your website – and we take it seriously. So we do keyword research for SEO, test out headlines for engagement and incorporate plenty of “calls to action” so that the user will do what you’d like them to do. But most of all, we make sure that what’s in it for the reader comes through loud and clear. The result? Your business will be presented as understanding the reader’s needs while being able to meet them with products or services.

We build your website

web designThrough our partnership with experienced web developers, we will take your site from conception to launch. Our websites always include:

  • Mobile-responsive designs
  • WordPress design, editable by the client
  • A creative look, based on current trends
  • SEO with advanced SEO options, if needed
  • Ecommerce, if needed
  • Great writing

We can also provide stock photography selection, a custom photo shoot, online forms and more. Our typical turnaround time is one to two months, depending on the complexity of the site.

You’ll get a sense for our work from our portfolio – and we can send you links to the full websites we’ve completed … just ask!