Why Content?

How surprised would you be to learn that your target customer’s first exposure to your company was likely not from you as the business owner, your sales people or from walking in your doors?

content marketingMost likely, their first exposure came online where they did research to find out about you or got exposure from something they saw online by chance. This makes their “education” about your business very self-driven. So it’s important that whatever they learn or discover through their own online efforts gives them the right impression, helps them through the buying journey … and engages them enough to want to keep learning MORE about you – until a purchase is made.

So the content that can be found online about your business is critical in the outcome of your relationship.


Content marketing is the marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. (Content Marketing Institute)

content marketingToday’s online reader has a large appetite for content and companies need to be poised to provide enough content to satisfy these readers. Businesses lacking an emphasis on “feeding the machine” miss an opportunity to attract, engage and ultimately convert the very folks they desire as customers.

Corporate giants realized a few years ago that they needed to create content machines within their companies to churn out a large volume of content, of varying type, on a very regular basis. This is trending downward to where smaller businesses are dealing with the same expectations from consumers.

  • Everyone else (including your competition) is doing it – as a business owner, if you’re not actively creating content you are missing the boat
  • It’s the best way to achieve thought leadership within your industry or business community…and who doesn’t want to be considered a “leader” in their product or service category?
  • It is the most effective way to build relationships in our ever-increasingly digital environment

Content serves many needs – drive traffic to website, improve SEO ranking, nurture leads, generate greater awareness and more. All businesses should be concerned about meeting these needs.

What You Need to Know

In today’s world, businesses have a lot more avenues for delivering content about themselves. But with that comes more responsibility to CREATE content.

Be aware that people inundated with messages – creating an attention scarcity issue with the very people you are trying to talk to. The more messages people receive from all the companies vying for their purchase behavior means more filtering your target audience has to do to get to YOUR message.

Done right, content marketing has the power to elevate your brand above the thousands of marketing messages your audience has to filter through on a regular basis – and become the fuel for engagement. To do it right, you’ve got to have a strategy for:

  • Creating content with appropriate messaging for each stage of your target’s buying journey
  • Understanding your brand’s “voice” and infusing it into all content in a consistent way
  • Delivering the right volume of content with the right frequency
  • Pushing it through the optimal media or delivery tools
  • Nurturing your target all the way to the point of purchasing from you
“The biggest mistake is to create content that your boss or client loves but your customer doesn’t. Ask yourself: what would your content look like if your customer signed your paycheck?” – Ann Hadley, Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs

Where We Come In

The challenge is keeping up without being overwhelmed. Many businesses stop doing enough content creation and fail to nurture potential leads or lose their social following … others keeping churning out the wrong content and attract the wrong audience or accidentally push away the folks that they want.

Few if any small business owners have the time or skill set to do all of the content creation required on their own – enter Connect Marketing. We can help you create a content-oriented mindset. We can work with you to develop a content marketing game plan. And we can take the reins and execute content creation and delivery … leaving you to focus on the core competencies of your business.

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